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The full power of Tailwind CSS without the setup

We build, purge, and host your Tailwind project, with the full power of a custom config and additional CSS.

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The above video is in real time, we cloned the Gust CDN codebase from GitHub, built Tailwind CSS, minified the CSS and uploaded in to our CDN in only 28 seconds.


Everything you have ever wanted from a Tailwind CDN

Gust makes it easy to add Tailwind CSS to any project, ensuring you can focus on your on the design and build, rather than the tooling.

Supports all Tailwind CSS versions
From version zero to the latest release, we can build it, even if you can't update your project to the latest version, rest assured we will still support your project.
Add Custom CSS
Want to harness the power of @apply rules, add some additional custom styles, or follow your favorite methodology like BEM? You can with our custom CSS file.
Best In Class CDN
All of the generated CSS is stored safely in Amazon S3, and served through Cloudfront to ensure the absolute best performance across the world.
Only The CSS You Need
To ensure your CSS is as tiny as possible, Gust connects to your Git project to enable purging, Gust also builds a minified version of your CSS for the absolute best performance.

Frequently asked questions

Will this slow down my website?
No, not only do we enable the default Tailwind CSS purging but also minify your CSS. Your CSS is also cached across the globe to make load times blazingly fast.
Are Tailwind CSS plugins supported?
Yes, we support all of the official Tailwind CSS plugins: Aspect Ratio, Custom Forms, Forms, Line Clamp, Typography, UI and we will continue to add additional first party plugins as they become available.
Can I use Gust while in development?
Yes, we provide a development build which isn't purged or minified ensuring every Tailwind class is available for your use while developing a project. Simply use the production build when you deploy.
Does my production build stay updated?
Yes, we rebuild your project when you commit to your repository. Additionally we provide a URL you can hit to trigger a build, for example this could be added to your CI steps.